All About Christina Piercings

Christina piercing is a piercing of the female genitals located where the outer labia meet just below the pubic mound.

It is a contemporary piercing; the first known Christina piercing was performed at Stainless Studios in Toronto Ontario by Tom Brazda in the 1990’s.

As is the norm, it is named after the first woman to have the piercing performed but is also known as a Venus piercing.

It is chosen purely for aesthetics. A Christina piercing, unlike other genital piercings does not really aid sexual stimulation and it can actually be quite uncomfortable in tight pants depending on the curve of your pelvic mound.



Christina piercings tend to be a surface piercing and as such have a high rejection rate. On some women there simply isn’t enough room to perform this.

Healing is usually over about 3 months. The constant movement and friction for this area can lead to complications..

There are quite a few videos on this page here providing real quality information from girls who have had a Christina

Christinas are usually pierced with either a custom made circular barbell or surface bar, to reduce the risk of rejection.


There is quite a bit of good information on Wiki about these piercings